11 Best Auto-tune Apps for Android and iOS (2020)

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Music is a healer. No matter whether you are a listener or a singer, music makes everyone happy. Whether you are a bathroom singer or a bedroom singer, if singing is your passion, you are not far from making your dreams come true. With these best auto-tune apps for android and iOS, you can sing confidently even if you don’t have a very good voice without hurting anybody’s ears.

Basically, everyone loves to sing but not everyone is gifted with that magical and beautiful voice. Most of the singers nowdays use auto-tune softwares and auto-tuning technology. This is why you can see singers in the every corner of the street on social media platforms.

For those who don’t know what auto-tune is, it is actually a software that is being used in every song nowadays. An auto-tune software requires heavy setup with expensive machines and microphones. But thanks to the computer technology, it is now possible to do just at the tap of your fingertip.

These days people are able to auto-tune using the apps right from their Android and iOS devices. With these best auto-tune apps for android and iOS you can develop your singing skills and present your talent more confidently.

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One great example of how auto-tune can help you correct your pitch and voice is that the celebrities like Salman Khan and Alia Bhatt challenging award winning singers and vocalist with their auto-tuned music.

Auto-tuning can be directly done from your android and iOS devices. So you can make a channel on youtube or any other platform and promote it via social media as these auto-tune apps can help you alter the pitch the way you want.

Best auto-tune apps for android and iOS

IF you want to be the next best singer or next best recording singer, you are just a step away from your dream with the list of these best auto-tune apps for android and iOS.

Best Auto-tune Apps for Android and iOS

When you type in auto-tune in the app store, there will come thousands of search results, which will make it difficult to choose the best one. To save you from the trouble, here we have made the list of the best auto-tune apps for android and iOS.

1. Voloco

Voloco: Auto voice tune + harmony is one of the best auto-tune apps for android and iOS. It has over 10M+ downloads on Play store with an average rating of 4.5*.

It is an interesting music app with broad functionality. It lets you get the desired effect quickly on online automatic mode. It makes sound processing immediate and ready for playback. It is a very useful app for all those who to love singing.

It is a real-time voice-processing app that combines automatic tuning, harmony, and vocoding. Pick a track from your music collection or Voloco’s free beat library to sing or rap over, and Voloco will guess the key of the track and tune your voice to that key.

voloco auto tune app

2. AutoRap by Smule

AutoRap by Smule is a great app if you want to create rap songs on cool beats. This app has over 10M+ downloads on play store and an average user rating of 4.0*.

If you want to rap and are not sure whether you can rap or not, this app is perfect for you. This app lets you record a rap song with a sweet beat in a matter of minutes regardless of whether you’ve just thought of a cool rhyme or have been freestyling for years.

If you can talk, you can rap with AutoRap. It lets you choose from over 100+ beats by top artists like Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Post Malone, Drake, etc. and explore various beats created by other people in the community.

Auto Rap by smule)

3. Tune Me

Tune Me is one of the best auto-tune apps for android and iOS to adjust the pitch of the audio. This app, developed by B-side studios has over 10M+ downloads with an average user rating of 3.9* on play store.

With Tune me you can record tracks with pitvc shift and auto-pitch over 500+ free beats. It is the ultimate hip-hop recording studio. You can create high-quality tracks with full featured recording and editing tools that are shareable to different platforms like youtube, instagram, facebook, etc.

Tune me automatically sync vocal with beats and adjusts the volume of beats and vocals separately. Tune me also has a premium version apps which offers some premium features such as multitrack recording and extra audio effects.

Tune me auto tune apps

4. Smule

Smule is a Karaoke singing app which has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, Forbes, and Google play’s best apps. This app, developed by Smule has over 100M+ downloads on Play store with an average user rating of 4.0*.

Smule is the original social network with the power to break down barriers, touch souls, and bring people together from all over the world. Because music isn’t just about creating, sharing, discovering, participating and connecting with others.

No matter what kind of singer you are, you can sound amazing on Smule. Use mic effects and video filters to auto-tune, add reverb, and smooth over imperfections in your recordings. If you love karaoke, singing along to radio songs or a cappella in the shower, dream of singing duets with pop stars, or simply love music—you can try this app for free now.

SMule auto tune app

5. StarMaker

If you believe there is a singer in everyone of us, this app is for you. As the name suggests, this app can make you star, at least a local one. This app has got over 100M+ downloads on play store with an average rating of 4.3*.

With starmaker you can bring out hte singer in you. It is a popular singing app with over 50M+ users globally which lets you sing free karaoke songs and make friends through the magic of music.

You can sing along with the rolling lyrics, edit your recordings with a wide range of voice effects, and share to win likes and followers. You can also share these awesome recorded videos on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

star maker auto tune app

6. Rapchat: Make a hit Song

Rapchat is an app for android and iOS which lets you connect with thousands of rappers all over the world. This app, developed by rapchat inc. has over 1M+ downloads on play store with an average rating of 4.3*.

Rapchat is the best free music app that lets you record songs on the spot with vocal effects like the auto vocal tune, share them anywhere, build a following & get discovered. Rapchat features mobile recording studio with multiple tracks, Vocal effects including Auto Vocal Tune, Radio, Chipmunk and more with more than 20,000+ beats.

Whether you’re a serious upcoming rapper or just looking to have fun and make rap with some friends, Rapchat brings the recording studio to your pocket and gives you the platform to create raps, share with your friends, and be heard.


7. MicDroid

MicDroid offers a huge variety if features to auto-tune your voice. It will always help you to hit the right notes. This app, developed by intervigil has over 1M+ downloads with an average user rating of 3.6*on Google Play store.

With Micdroid you can always sing in tune. It offers plenty of options for pitch correction. It allows automatic pitch-correction and on-the-fly pitch-correction. It also lets you set the recording as a ringtone.

Mic Droid

8. Auto-tune Mobile

Auto-Tune Mobile is another great auto-tune app available only on iOS. This is a paid app developed by Antares Audio Technology Inc. which is rated 2.8* on apple store.

It brings vocal pitch correction to vocal performance, using Antares’ world-class Auto-Tune technology. When you sing, it detects what note you are singing, and corrects the pitch of your notes, to the nearest valid note, from the ones you select on the screen.

With this app vocals are corrected to the nearest pitch based on the key and scale of the song, or to a set of melody notes selected on the screen. You can also use the Chromatic scale when you don’t know what key or scale a song is in. This is the easiest way to correct pitch.

Auto-tune Mobile pitch

9. Rap Fame

Rap Fame is one of the best auto-tune apps for android and iOS which lets you sound like a pro only from your mobile studio. This app, developed by Rap Tech Studios has over 5M+ downloads on play store with an average user rating of 4.5*.

Rap Fame is the biggest hip-hop network where you can create rap songs, judge, and become famous. You can edit your voice tracks using the latest rap studio. It also lets you edit your voice tracks and has a huge library of beats.

The rap recording studio has features like audio effects, equalizer and pitch changer. You can create awesome rap songs and share them on youtube, instagram, facebook and many other platforms using rap fame.

Rap fame by rap tech

10. EZ Voice

With EZ voice you can always deliver a pitch-perfect performance using the built-in effects. This app, developed by IK Multimedia USA, LLC. has over 10M+ downloads with an average user rating of 3.8* on play store.

With EZ Voice, you’ll always stand out and deliver a winning performance. Just pick a song from the library and let EZ Voice do the rest. Its intuitive controls make it easy to remove original vocals, tune your voice and add fun vocal effects. It’s the easiest way to sound amazing and sing your favourite songs without hurting anyone’s ears even if you have bad voice

It lets you have fun while you perfect your tone. You can add a morph to try a gender. You can also add extra voices and harmonies, traditional effects like reverb, delay, chorus, EQ, Filter and Level. These features are the reasons why this app tends to be on our list of best auto-tune apps for android and iOS.

EZ voice auto-tune

11. Karaoke

Karaoke- Singing karaoke is another great app for people who are passionate about singing. This app, developed by Yokee has over 50M+ downloads with an average user rating of 4.0* on play store.

If you are not sure whether you can sing in tune with the music and lyrics or not, this app is for you. It will auto-enhance your voice with echo and a little reverb to help you sound just like a star on the radio. You can also choose to enhance your voice with special effects like Stage and Hall.

With Yokee karaoke, you can sing your heart out at anytime and anywhere and share your singing with friends and family.

karaoke singing


So, this was the list of the best auto-tune apps for android and iOS. With these apps you can perform a beautiful performance. These apps will help you auto-tune your voice and pitch-perfect your vocals. These apps also will help you to sing more confidently and help you reveal your inner talents.

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