5 Best riddle apps for Android and iPhone

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Are you looking for the best riddle apps for android and iOS that can help you with brainstorming? Then you have come to the right place. There are plenty of riddle apps for android and iOS available on the respective stores out of which I am listing the best riddle apps for you.

What are riddles?

Riddle is a statement or question or phrase that has a double or veiled meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved. Riddles almost get unexpected and cleaver answers.

Answering the riddles can be a thought-provoking challenge sometimes. Some riddles can even cause a terrible situation. Often times. When we can not answer puzzling riddles, they can leave us scratching our heads for hours. However, they can open multiple possibilities of ou mind.

best riddle apps for android and iphone

Why play riddle apps/games?

For centuries, philosophers have analyzed the relationship between puzzle-solving ability and its impact on an individual. The results are remarkable! It is found that puzzles not only inspire deep thinkers but is also the reason for several other benefits. Here are the benefits you can have if you play these best riddle apps for android and iOS:

  • They are a great way to keep you mentally fit and active.
  • They enhance skills such as research, critical ability, cognitive ability, and concentration.
  • They help to improve IQ scores.
  • They can help in increasing productivity.

Solve this: 1 Rabbit saw 9 Elephants while going to the river.  Every Elephant saw 3 Monkeys going towards the river. Each Monkey had 1 parrot in each hand. How many Animals are going towards the river?

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Best Riddle Apps for Android and iOS

These best riddle apps for android and iOS are more challenging and more entertaining. You will find pleasure in solving every riddle especially the childrens. You can have a positive impact on everybody if you play it in a group with family or friends.

Riddles involve active brain work while it’s easy entertainment as it’s presented as a game, not as a textbook exercise. So, it is beneficial for both students as well as adults.

At this time, when we all are spending more and more time on electronic devices, we have more access than ever to anything we want. There are plenty of websites and apps for playing riddles and here is the list of the 5 best riddle apps for android and iOS. In this list, we are providing the link to Google Play Store as well as App store.

Just Riddle

Just Riddle is a powerful riddle app. This riddle app can help you sharpen your mind and improve its abilites. Just riddle developed by Blue boat Co. has over 1M+ downloads with an average user rating of 4.4*.

It has tons of riddles to boos up your brain power. Some are easy, some are challenging, some are tricky and some funny. With this game you can learn to think more deeply and differently. This is one of the best riddle app made for kids as well as adults.

If you are a riddle game lover, surely you are gonna it. It’s quick, easy and a lot fun.

Just riddle app for android and ios

What am I?- Little Riddles

What am I? is one of the most popular riddle games on android and iOS. It is an easy to play game with beautiful design. This app, developed by ThinkCube Inc. has over 1M+ downloads with an average rating of 4.2*.

Some riddles in this app are simple, some are hard. Some are rhymes and some will make you laugh. It is one of the best word game which is amazingly addictive and super fun.

If you find some riddles hard to play, hints are always there for you although you have to pay. Although the app is free, you can find in-app purchases and ads on this riddle app.

What am I?- little riddle

Math| Riddles and Puzzles Math Games

Math| Riddle and puzzles will level up your IQ with a mix of logical puzzles. It challenges you with increasing level of math games and stretch the limits of your mind. This app developed by Black Games has over 5M+ downloads with an average rating of 4.4*.

With this app your free time can be more meaningful now. You can train both parts of your brain by exploring the relations between the numbers in geomerical shapes, and you will stretch the limits of your mind sharp.

It is a free app but with ads that you will have to see if you need access to hints and answers.

Math Riddles and puzzles

A Year of Riddles

A year of riddles is another brain app available for android and iOS. It is one of the most popular and high rated riddle app. The free app, developed by Pyroscope has over 500K+ downloads with an average user rating of 4.2* on play store.

This app has 4 different version with one new app coming every year. But all the new year of riddle apps are paid. If you ever get stuck in this app, the hint system of this app is always there for you.


Riddles. Just Riddles

Riddles. Just Riddles is another great riddle app for android and iOS. This app has over 500 levels which you will have to open one by one. This app, developed by levelXcode has over 1M+ downloads with an average rating of 4.5* on Play Store.

This app has a credits feature. If you are able to answer the question you will be awarded with 30 credits while if you opt to show one letter, 100 credits will be deducted. And if you choose to “remove letters” which will not make the word then 150 credits will be removed. Also you can get the free hint every 5 minutes.

Start playing

It is scientifically proved that each time you are solving a riddle, you are actually building new brain cells. So, it’shard to imagine how smarter you will be if you start playing these games.

These apps are great for both kids and adults. Your brain is a muscle and you need to exercise it daily. And the easiest way to train your brain muscles is by playing these simple games.

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