Best Music Streaming Apps for Android

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Music is an integral part of human life which allows us to feel nearly every emotion that we experience.It can improve someone’s mood, make them excited or calm and relaxed. It is also said to be reducing stress, anxiety, improve memory and cognitive functioning with many other benefits.

According to a report, on average people are spending 18 hours a week listening to music up from 17.8 hours in 2018. The consumption of music is increasing every year and so is the way of consumption changing. Music is now being consumed through online audio-streaming services.

Finding music is a lot easier than it used to be. You can find the music you love in a second within the reach of your fingers. Now you can find almost any music you like using a few apps. Today we will be talking about the 5 best music streaming apps for android.

Those looking for apps to play locally stored music, the list is here.

Top 5 Best Music Streaming Apps for Android

At a glance:

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Price: Free/ $9.99- $14.99 per month

Spotify is undoubtedly the most popular music streaming service in the industry that has been ruling for a long time. This app on playstore has downloads over 500M+ and an average rating of 4.6 star.

With Spotify, you can play and listen to millions of songs and podcasts for free on your mobile and tablet no matter wherever you are. You can also download music for offline playing and add a playlist of your choice.


  • Huge collection of music and fast access to newly released songs
  • Free version available
  • Public playlist
  • Related artists and music feature


  • Free version has a lot of ads
  • Poor audio quality
  • Terrible discovery feature


Price: Free/ $9.99- $19.99 per month


Deezer is another best music streaming apps for android on our list. It is also a very popular music app for android with over 100M+ downloads and an average rating of 4.6 star.

This music player has over 56 million+ tracks, playlists, and podcasts which will always give you the songs you love and help you discover your next favorites.


  • Huge collection of music
  • Available in 182+ countries
  • Built-in lyrics
  • Available on many platforms
  • Elite subscribers have outstanding sound quality


  • No Linux client
  • A lot of songs are not played until final chords
  • Some songs are skipped even if you are premium users


Price: Free/ $9.99- $19.99 per month

Tidal is another great android app for listening to music online. It has got a total of 10M+ downloads and an average of 4.2-star rating. With Tidal, you can stream number of highest quality music by tracks, artist or album ad-free.

Tidal is a very good alternative for audiophiles looking for better quality

tidal screenshot


  • Amazing sound quality
  • Themed-playlists
  • On-demand playback
  • Built-in audio search as in shazaam


  • No Lyrics support
  • Songs may take a long time to load

Youtube Music

Price: Free/ $9.99 per month

Youtube Music is a great app for streaming youtube songs and music videos. On play store, it has more than 100M+ downloads with an average rating of 4.4 star. This is the official app from google made just for music.

It is largely alike Google Play music with a coat of paint and music videos. This app is an excellent accomplishment to googles continuous work to improve at music streaming.


  • Can switch between audio and music videos
  • Amazing location and time-based playlist
  • Free version
  • Lyrics Support


  • Lacks high-resolution audio
  • Only youtube music

Jango Radio

Price: Free

Jango Radio is another music streaming apps for android that streams personalized to your android device for free. This app has over 5M+ downloads on play store with an average rating of 4.4 star. With jango Radio, you can stream unlimited music without interrupting ad-free.



  • Good quality
  • Unlimited skips
  • Music videos


  • Crowded interface


So, these were the list of some of the best music streaming apps for android available in the market. As per your need, you can choose between which app to choose among the 5 listed above.

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