Risks and Disadvantages of Rooting Android Phone (2020)

Well, If you have read the reasons why you should root your android phone, then you might be impatient to root your android phone. But wait! Everything’s got its two sides: the pros and cons. Since we have already discussed what you can really achieve in the previous post. Here we will be discussing why you should avoid rooting your phone.

Here’s the quick overview of risks and disadvantages of rooting your android phone:

Disadvantages of Rooting Android Phone

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Rooting an android device unleash the power and performance but it always comes at a price. Rooting means now you are the god of that device. You can almost do everything you can possibly think of.

Power users and tinkerers are the ones who mostly think of rooting. With such a huge advancement in smartphone technology, you don’t need to root your android phone for small purposes like before. But if you are thinking of rooting anyway, here are few things you should consider before rooting.

We have already posted on why you should root your phone. Check it out here.

Let’s look on the other side of the coin. Here are the risks and disadvantages of rooting an android phone.

Rooting Voids Warranty

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The first thing that’s gonna happen to your phone is that it’s gonna lose the warranty. That means you can’t service them under warranty anymore. There are some smartphones like Oneplus and Xiaomi that lets you unlock bootloader and root your phone using their official method. But most other smartphones don’t let you do so.

So, if you have bought your phone just a few days back or months back, re-consider rooting. If your phone is under warranty coverage, think twice before rooting your phone.

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Problems With Updating Phone

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Another disadvantages of rooting android phone is the issue with phone updates. Phone update on a non-rooted device no matter how late they give will install and work. But with rooted devices, this might not happen.

The newer software updates may not work because of software modification during the rooting process. But you can always install custom ROMs and firmware better than your stock ROMs. Although this is a problem, there’s no need to worry about it.

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Performance Issues

Slow performance and speed

For sure there are ways to upgrade and boost the performance of your device after rooting your device. But the disadvantage of rooting an android phone is that you may end up with bugs and performance issues. This in fact bad.

Some users have experienced both slow down in performance and speed when trying to unlock more features and speed up their phone. Making changes to phone software can create performance issues that are very hard and difficult to resolve.

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Vulnerable to viruses

Vulnerability to viruses

Rooting exposes your android phone to thousands of potentially harmful apps with suspicious and malicious codes and programmes. This is another great disadvantages of rooting android phone. Once your phone is rooted, it becomes more vulnerable to attackers.

Manufacturers release security patches to help you save your device from these types of attacks. But once your Phone is rooted and you install different ROMS or firmware, you no longer get the help of the manufacturer’s security patches. This is another great risk and makes android less secure than ever after rooting.

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The Process is Hassle

Rooting android is a hassle process

There are many apps on the internet that claim to be one-click root. But these apps generally don’t work well. The process of rooting is different for every other device and you should read and follow instructions carefully. There are some smartphone manufacturers that actually allow rooting as I have already told. For these, you have to follow the exact same instructions they provide.

For those who don’t allow rooting, you can visit in forums like XDA. The process of rooting an android phone includes connecting your phone to a PC, flashing files, entering some commands ind the terminal, etc.

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The Biggest Risk of Bricking Phone

This is the one thing you should fear while you root your device. You might end up with a bricked device. Bricked phone means that your phone won’t turn on or function. For those of you wondering what it is, hers’s the link to what bricking a device means? You might get stuck in boot loop or no boot.

There are two types of phone brick: soft-brick and hard-brick. You might be able to recover a phone from soft-brick but its very hard to recover a device from hard-brick.

I am not here to demotivate you but when I rooted my first device, it bricked. Back then in 2019, when I rooted my Poco F1 phone, it was functioning well. I was trying and testing different custom ROMs. And after one month of using rooted Poco F1, it suddenly stopped functioning. I was using TikTok app and suddenly the app freezed and turned black in the next 10 seconds. I was shocked, WTF just happened? When I took the phone to repair shops, they said it would cost $100 or more. So, I never had it repaired.

Should you Root Your Phone?

This post is not written with the intention to convince you not to root. Rather these are the possible problems that may occur once you root your device. But if you know what you are doing, you can go on. However, you should still take in action the issues we have mentioned earlier in this post.

If you haven’t Read

Now, since you have known about the advantages and disadvantages of rooting android phone, you should be now able to figure out what you should do.


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