How to delete iFunny Account?

How to delete iFunny account
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Are you fed up using ifunny and wish to delete ifunny account?

Ifunny lets you create an account easily but doesn’t provide option to close or delete your account.

Don’t worry

In this post, I will tell you how I deleted my ifunny account and how you can do so too.

Ifunny is an online portal with a huge collection of funny GIFs, videos, and memes. You can also interact with other users in the comments section and build your own meme materials.

iFunny has over 10 million users that are watching and sharing funny memes materials. iFunny is absoultely a good app to find and look at something funny and hilarious.


Until you look into your mailbox. If you have an account in iFunny, you might have seen a lot of mails coming to your inbox every day. This might be the reason why you want to delete your iFunny account.

How to Delete/ Close iFunny Account

How to delete iFunny account

With iFunny, you can enjoy a lot of hilarious and funny memes, gifs and videos. Maybe you don’t want watch them anymore. But it keeps you sending a lot of mails to your account daily. That’s horrible, right?

You can create your account on iFunny like any other apps like facebook, twitter. But you will no see an option to deactivate or delete your account as they don’t have.

So, let’s dive into three different scenerios and solve your problem you might have with ifunny account.

Case 1: You want to delete your iFunny account because you receive a lot of newsletters from them daily.

If you want to delete or close your account just because you are receiving newsletters from ifunny, You should unsubscribe them. You may as well unsubscribe them from the unsubscribe button give in the mailbox.

Case 2: You want to stop annoying notifications from iFunny.

You can manage your notifications from the settings and disable notifications coming from iFunny to your device. This way, you don’t need to close your account and can enjoy memes and videos later.

Here’s how you can disable notification on your android 10:

  • To silence your incoming notifications, open your notification panel.
  • Tap and hold the notification.
  • Toggle on Silent and press Save.
  • To stop notifications in general, switch the toggle on the right off.
  • You can get more in-depth with your notification settings by tapping Details and tweaking from there.

Here’s how you can turn off notifications on your other android versions and iPhones.

Case 3: Permanently delete Your iFunny Account

If you are fed up ifunny and want to permanently delete your account, you will have to email the customer support requesting to disable or delete your account.

Here is how I deleted my iFunny account and how you can too:

  • Open your email account that is registered with the app or website
  • Now compose an email and enter the email address:
  • Now write an email requesting them to delete your account and remove all your information from their database

Here is a sample of the mail I sent to iFunny:

Subject: Request for account deletion

I have an account on your database with the username prakashjosi which is linked with the email address
Meanwhile, for some reason, I will not use this account again, and Kindly request you to delete my account and all its information from your database.

Your name: Prakash Joshi
Email Address:
Phone number: **********

delete ifunny account email

I even had short email exchange with the customer support. And they responded they were looking further to add the feature in their app soon.

If by chance, they didn’t delete your account, you can uninstall iFunny app and stop using it.


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