How to delete Pottermore Accont

How to delete pottermore account
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Want to delete Pottermore or wizarding world account but don’t know what to do?

Don’t worry,

I got you covered.

In this post, I will tell you exactly how you can delete your Pottermore account within few clicks.

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What is Pottermore?

Pottermore, also known as Wizarding world is an official harry porter website made by Warner Bros to make it easier for fans to experience through the wizarding world.

The website no longer works because the makers have shifted permanently to So you will not find pottermore website anymore in the web.

If you are looking for pottermore, wizarding world is the new official home for harry potter and fantastic beasts.

How to delete Pottermore/ Wizarding World Account?

how to delete pottermore/ wizarding world account

If you are looking for deleting the pottermore/ wizarding world for any reasons, here is he step by step process:

Login with your account

Use pottermore account

Go to and login with your account.
If you still have your Pottermore account, go to login>Create a new account> Use Pottermore account.
This will migrate your Pottermore account to wizarding world account

Go to settings and find delete your account option

Delete your accoun option

Click on the icon in the top right corner on the website. It will take you to your account information.
You will see a settings icon at the top right corner. Click it and scroll down to delete your account option.

Click delete you account

confirm deletion

Click on delete your account and it should take you to the confirmation page. Confirm your password and hit the delete button.

Congratulations! you have now deleted/ closed your Pottermore/ wizarding world account.


What do you do in Pottermore/ Wizarding world?

You get to experience the books in an interactive way that shows you the classic scenes from the books. also presenting you the exclusive content.

Is Pottermore/ Wizarding World Free?

Yes, it is free as per now. But also there is a premium membership plan called gold that you have to pay for

How old do you need to be have Wizarding World Passport?

The website doesn’t allow you to have your account unless your age is 13 or more.

What happened to Pottermore? Is it Gone?

The Pottermore website was closed recently. But no need to worry. There is a larger website called Wizarding World. All the content from pottermore was moved to the new website with more exclusive content.

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