MusicBee Review- Pros and Cons

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Often  we stumble upon music players which are either missing basic features or crammed with features that aren’t actually useful. MusicBee is one of these rare applications that covers all the fundamentals and consists of some pretty cool extra feattures.

If you’re in the market looking for a new app to manage your muisc collection, you should take a look at it. MusicBee is one of the best music player available for Windows packed with a lot of features so I’m going to cover only the main features because there are surely too many to cover.

Customization is one of the major features of MusicBee. You can customize everything about it. Different skins can be downloaded allowing you to completely change the theme of the software and you can also rearrange all the panels, exchange what data shows, and change to a mini player. 

Sound quality, of course, matters, it does depend on your setup, audio source and track. MusicBee certainly doesn’t limit it. It features an up to 15 band equaliser to tune  music sound, audio card support, the ability to resample tracks, and a lot more. It also functions a sound equaliser.

MusicBee searches your PC for music and enables you to add tracks from iTunes or Windows Media Player. Once everything has been added to your MusicBee library, the app’s intelligent tagging system makes it easy to complete missing metadata using industry-standard formats, locate album art and find lyrics, which are displayed while a song plays.

MusicBee makes it easy to organize, discover and play music files on your laptop, on portable gadgets and on the web. Features includes playing your music the way that you want, manage big tune libraries, and easily find what you need to hear, add metadata for your music, make use of your Internet connection toautomatically find useful data about your track series or the currently playing song, create celebration playlist and flip your pc into a music jukebox, upload songs from your CD collection on your library and synchronize with your gadgets, and create your own personal appearance and feel.


  • Customizable look and feel
  • Can autofill metadata on songs
  • Simple yet intuitive interface
  • Portable version available
  • Functionality extended via plugins
  • Integrates with
  • Mini Lyrics integration


  • Installs pictures that are irrevelent to the artist being played
  • Doesn’t handle a lot of files properly
  • Plays same tracks repetitively, even when marked skipping
  • crashes and freezes sometimes

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