Top 5 Best Music Lyrics Apps for Android

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Music is said to heal any wound. Whether you have had a bad day or you just want to fuel up your emotions, music can help you a lot in this journey. It is also said to be our best friend when we are in our bad times or when we are alone.

Listening to music has now been more easy than ever with smartphones at our fingertips. They help in providing a beautiful music experience to all the music lovers out there. But the only problem that exists listening to music is that not everybody can understand the lyrics that the singer is uttering. This makes our music experience degrade.

Not every music player on android comes up with the lyrics support to help you enhance your music experience. So today we ave come up with the top 5 best music lyrics apps for android devices.

Top 5 Best Music Lyrics Apps for Android at a glance

  • QuickLyrics- Instant Lyrics
  • Genius- Song Lyrics and More
  • Musixmatch- Lyrics for your music
  • LyricsMania-Music Player
  • SoundHound- Music discovery and Lyrics

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1. QuickLyrics- Instant Lyrics

Generally, every lyrics apps search music lyrics for the song you are playing for, so you have to download the lyrics of every song on your playlist individually. That’s quite time-taking. Isn’t it? But not with this app called QuickLyrics- Instant Lyrics.

The best thing about this app is that it fetches the lyrics for all the songs on your device. So the moment you play music on your device, it instantly shows you the lyrics. Another cool thing about this app is that this app is that it shows lyrics in a floating window. So you can do other tasks simultaneously listening the music and lyrics.

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Key Features

  • Synchronized lyrics
  • Floating lyrics
  • Instant lyrics download for the whole library
  • Offline feature


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2. Genius- Song Lyrics and More

Genius- Song Lyrics and More is designed for people who love to enjoy each segment of music. Although, it doesn’t have a built in music player, it really outstands other music lyrics apps for android. It displays the lyrics of music playing on other apps same as musixmatch.
The only thing that makes this app outstand others is because it aims to cover the background story of the song. Genius is the largestt music IQ community including the music lover as well as the professional artist. It  is also compatible with most of the music players to provide song lyrics.

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Key Features

  • Music Library of 1.7 M+ Songs
  • Annotated lyrics for all the songs
  • Compatible with most of the external players

3. Musixmatch- Lyrics for your  music

Musixmatch is another best lyrics app for android where you can search from the library of huge databases. It also can be synced with music platforms like  youtube, spotify, and so on.

It is safe to say that it covers all the features offered by other lyrics apps in one single place. It has an in-built music player with the support of external music player including youtube. You can directly play songs from inside the app or you can go to any external player and you will see a floating lyrics icon.

It also provide translation feature which allows users to translate song lyrics in real-time so that they can people across the world can understand the lyrics in their local language

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Key Features

  • Can be synced with youtube, spotify, pandora and more
  • Language translation feature
  • Song info and cover art
  • Real-time notification for floating lyrics

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4. Lyrics Mania- Music Player

LyricsMania is another great song lyrics app which offer some cool features. This app offers lyrics search and song detection feature. You can listen to music and get lyrics in real time. It also supports external music player like google play music, spotify and so on.

Another cool feature about Lyrics mania is that it has postcard feature which allows to create quotes with lyrics from the song and share it.

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Key Features

  • Supports external players
  • Supports music ID
  • Quickly Identify the song playing in background.

5. SoundHound- Music Discovery and Lyrics

SoundHound is another great lyrics app that can listen to your songs in the background an identify the lyrics for you. This lyrics music player is excellent for karoake-style live lyrics and to watch full videos.

You can  connect your spotify account to directly stream into your SoundHound. Songs you discovered also can be played for free via their built-in YouTube music player.

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Key Features

  • Handsfree support
  • Keeps a personal history of all of your songs
  • Syncs with spotify

With all the list, its hard to tell which one is the best. Each app excel others in one or many way. They are the best one that are available in the market for searching the lyrics for music you want.

So pick your app thoughtfully and don’t miss the excellent features that come along with these apps.

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