15 Reasons Why You Should Root Your Android Phone

15 Reasons why you should root your android phone
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One of the many reasons why people don’t like iOS devices is because of their locked-down interface. Android is one of the most customizable OS and it becomes even more customizable when you root it. Android phones and tablets are incredibly powerful. Rooting an android phone will unlock a whole new world with more control over your phone. Unfortunately, most people don’t get to taste this power of their smartphones.

On average, only around 5-7% of Android users root their devices. For all those 93 or more percentage of people who haven’t heard about rooting or haven’t thought about rooting, we have some of the best reasons why you should root your android Phone.

Here’s a quick overview of why you should root your android phone.


What is Rooting?

Rooting is giving smartphones and tablets privileged control over their subsystems. Rooting an Android device gives similar access to administrative permissions as on Linux. It is sometimes compared to jailbreaking on iOS devices. Rooting is performed basically with the goal of overcoming limitations that are put on some devices.

It gives you the complete control over the look and feel of your device. With a rooted device, all aspects of operating system can be customized.

Why you Should Root Your Android Phone?

15 Reasons why you should root your android phone

Rooting your Android phone opens up a hell lot of customizations. If you can imagine customization or tweak, there’s probably a tool to achieve it with root access. Android newcomers might have heard the term “root” but not understood what it can offer. Here we are going to give you a basic idea of what you can do if you root your device. These are the reasons why you should root your android phone.

Custom ROMs

custo ROM

The majority of people that we know that do root their device do it because they’re allowed to install all kinds of cool software’s on their device. It basically allows you to install a whole new interface, a whole new firmware for your device.

There are many problems with smartphone software. Rather than waiting around for manufacturers to fix them, volunteer developers create custom ROMs to replace a phone’s default software. With a stable ROM, you could end up with an experience that’s better than the default software.

ROMs are also developed for older devices, providing the software updates and security patches years after the OEM stopped sending them any. You can run android pie 9.0 even when the last official release for your device was android lollipop 5.1.1. This is how you get benefitted using custom ROMs.

Overclocking and underclocking

Overclocking and underclocking android

Overclocking simply means increasing the maximum frequency that your processor can run which consequently increases the performance of your device. And underclocking means decreasing the maximum frequency that your processor can run. For example, if your CPU runs at a stock 1.5 GHz, you can increase it to up to 1.8 GHz if you wish to.

You can only overclock or underclock your device if you have root access. You can overclock your CPU and GPU if you wish for better performance. You can underclock if you wish a better battery life. Doing this kind of thing might be a very good reason why you should root your android phone.

Custom Kernels

Custom kernels

A kernel is an important program of every device and has complete control over the system. The kernel which comes with your Stock ROM is stable and lives up to what the OEM promises.

However, Android is all about customization. After Custom ROMs, Custom Kernels are the best choice among the users. Android is a famous operating system that features a lot of custom kernel out there for almost every phone nowadays. They not only offer security updates, but also various improvements over the Stock Kernel.

If you do install the correct kernel you can get outstanding battery life and this wouldn’t just for battery life said earlier, Kernel has complete control over the system. It not only enhances performance but also damages the system if worked out wrongly.

Remove Bloatware


Many Android smartphones come preloaded with a lot of junk and bloatware apps. If you go through the list of your applications you have so many applications on your phone that you will never use. Most of the phone memory is preloaded with all kinds of crap, and bloatware that you will never use. You can disable but can’t uninstall these bloatware apps without root access.

When you root your device you can either install a custom ROM or manually delete these applications. You’ll never have anything you don’t need. Your phone will look cleaner than ever. This will also decrease memory usage.

Better Battery Life


With custom ROMs and custom Kernels, your battery life is improved significantly. You can move further a step ahead to make your battery life better by using battery-saving apps like Greenify. This app works even on non-rooted devices but Rooted phones get the best battery life.

This app improves background power consumption by creating a hibernation mode when your phone is idle. Notifications for all but high-priority apps are pushed, minimizing battery consumption when you are not using your device.

Better Backup and Recovery

Non-rooted users can backup contact information, certain app data but not everything. It’s impossible to backup all the data on your phone without root access.

With root access, its easily possible to backup everything on your device, including system apps and their data, all your contact information, message history, and settings. Titanium Backup is one of the most powerful apps for backup and recovery.

This might be another reason why you should root your android phone.

Access to More Apps

Plenty of root aps for android

There is no doubt that there are a lot of android applications and Google play store is flooded with them. But there are very few extremely good and useful applications that can’t be accessed without root permission.

Rooting gives you access to these cool apps. These apps you have access to can get you deeper into your phone’s brains. In some cases, you’ll be able to do things that the carriers, manufacturers or Google may not want you to do. Some of these apps may do things that are questionable of legality.

Block Ads Across All Apps

Block ads across all apps

This is another popular reason why you should root your android phone. Ads are everywhere nowadays and it becomes more annoying. You will not want to see ads while playing games or browsing internet or doing some work on your device.

The worst thing about the mobile ads is that they can come anywhere. They are placed in places where you might want to click. This is more than just annoying. You can block all sorts of ads across all apps once your device is rooted.

There are many apps like Ad guard, Ad lock, Ad away, etc. that can make your job easy and free you from annoying ads.

Access to Root Files

Access root files on android

Once you have rooted your device, you have access to number of files, sections and parts of the device that will not be otherwise available. You can go deep down in the root folders, sections of your phone and tweak them for your device yourself.


android automation s

Did you know you can activate various actions on your phone using different triggers?

Tasker is one of the very powerful apps known to do this but there are also various other apps. You can even use a tasker without root but it will prevent you from doing certain actions. With root access, you can supercharge apps like this to automate actions that were not possible previously.

With tasker and root access you can automate pretty much everything.

Change Boot Animations

Boot animations for android

There are animations on your screen every time your phone is booted. These animations are provided by OEM. However they can be changed if you have a rooted device.

Boot animations can be changed in a number of ways. With new boot animation, your phone looks new and gives you a completely new feel. This is another benefit of rooting your device.

Change Fonts

Font fix font changer

With root acces you can change the fonts of the text throughout your device. Although some devices gives you the ability to change fonts, they are limited.

With apps such as font fix, you can choose your favorite font from over 4,000 fonts. Using this app, you can change the style of the text everywhere.

Customize Everything


As we have already talked that android is the most customizable OS even without root access. But rooting offers you a great advantage for customizability. With rooting there’s nothing that you can not tweak or customize.

Rooting lets you theme every part of your phone. Substratum is one of the great app you can use to install themes on your rooted device.

More Powerful Terminal Commands

Busybox termiala commands

Busybox, also called the Swiss army knife of embedded Linux can add over 300 commands to android OS. It gives you extra root-level commands you can use in any terminal emulator app.

You might not actually use it. But many root apps will need busybox to function as they need more commands.

Change Your IMEI and Serial Number

Change IMEI and serial number

IMEI number and serial number are a unique identifying number associated with your mobile phone. These numbers are used to track down a lost or theft device. You don’t necessarily need to change these numbers. However, you might be in some situations where you don’t want anybody to track you.

With a rooted device, you can use different modules that will allow you to accomplish this task such as ID Masker.

Completely Own Your Device

In the end, all of the above things come to one point, you completely own your device. You can do whatever you want to do with your device. Most ot the smartphone carriers and manufacturers try to keep you away from doing certain things.

But with root access, you can truly own your device. You open yourself to all possibilites that any other third-party blocks you from doing.

Should You Root Your Phone?

Here we have sorted out the reasons why you should root your android phone. Rooting your android phone is never risk-free. You will void your phone warranty. You might also end up bricking your phone.

Rooted android phone has many more features as compared to non-rooted phone. However, rooting comes with many risks. Before moving forward to root your android phone, we recommend reading the above article. Get the full picture of the advantages and disadvantages of rooting your android phone.

And let us know your decision in the comment section.

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